Saturday, July 20, 2024

ALPHA: Melanie


ALPHA is a great opportunity to get back on the right track

I feel like closing ALPHA would be a mistake because the majority of the students in ALPHA are here for lack of attendance or poor grades. Regular school settings play a big role since a lot of kids can’t learn in big class environments, so eventually their grades drop. Mainstream schools often don’t realize until it’s too late and their students fail for the year.

Coming here, I can say the class environments are easier to learn in and I actually feel like I’ve held more knowledge than I would at my regular high school. I have classes at Bunnell and ALPHA, and if it was up to me I wouldn’t go back to Bunnell at all. ALPHA is a great opportunity to get back on the right track. Once students learn that the resources they were given to help them become successful adults is not available, the number of students going to school or graduating will drop. If I had stayed at Bunnell full time last year I would have failed and more than likely dropped out. Speaking as most of the students, we feel like ALPHA should not be taken from us. The staff provides extra support and makes it clear they want us to succeed in life and school.


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