Thursday, May 30, 2024

Parent Plea


Letter from Mr. Solomene to Mayor Hoydick

Dear Mayor Hoydick,

I am hoping this email finds you. My son Rocco is a student at the ALPHA Program. I am writing regarding news of the ALPHA program being cut.

 My son was a student at Bunnell for 3 years. He unfortunately struggled and was in danger of failing out of school. Luckily the ALPHA program was brought to my attention and Rocco was enrolled this past November. Rocco’s progress has been unbelievable and a complete 360 to where he was at Bunnell. Instead of struggling he is now flourishing.

As a parent all we want is our children to have a chance at a good education; by cutting ALPHA, the BOE is taking away Rocco’s chance. I have never seen such dedication as from teachers involved in this program. Please Mayor Hoydick, fight for ALPHA to remain an option for the kids enrolled in the Stratford School System. I thank you for your time and consideration.

Mr. Solomene


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