Thursday, May 30, 2024

Phil Young Throws Hat in Ring for 6th District Councilman


Phil Young, a former State Representative and Town Councilman is proud to announce his candidacy for Councilman for the 6th District. With extensive experience in local and state elected positions and a strong network within State and Town politics, Young is committed to bringing positive change to Stratford.

Young’s campaign emphasizes three key pillars that he plans to prioritize:

1. Integrity: Young’s unwavering commitment to honesty and ethics ensures that he will serve the community with integrity, earning the trust and respect of his constituents.

2. Responsive Government: Young is dedicated to establishing a government that is attentive and responsive to the needs of the community. Through effective communication and active engagement, he aims to ensure the success and prosperity of all residents in Stratford.

3. Visionary Leadership: Young envisions Stratford as a thriving destination. Through innovative ideas and forward-thinking approaches, he plans to use all the great attributes of what Stratford is today and strive for excellence in the future, making the town an attractive and vibrant place that draws people in.

By electing Phil Young as their 6th District Town Councilman, Stratford residents can expect a candidate who brings a wealth of experience, a steadfast commitment to integrity, a responsive government, and a vision for a prosperous future.


  1. Phil is a good,honest, enthusiastic man whose mission is to make Stratford the gem that it has the potential to be while valuing citizen input.


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