Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note: The Stratford Crier recently invited young adults enrolled in the Stratford High School Journalism Class (taught by Andreas F. Marangos) to submit articles that reflected what “our next generation” were concerned about, thought about, and wanted to see changed. Recently, The Connecticut Post Mall located in Milford, established a new policy that applies […]

Adult Supervision for Teens at the Mall

Letter To The Editor By Atiana Louis-Charles Recently the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford set up a Parental Guidance Program, where teens are to be supervised by someone above the age of 18 past 4:00 p.m. This has been caused due to many fights breaking out and kids acting up in a public mall. The […]

Adult Supervision at the Mall

Letters To The Editor By Peter Mazzucco Stratford High School What teenager wants to go to the mall and have their parents walk around with them?  I don’t think many teenagers would agree this is a good idea.  Since fights have happened at various malls, including some in CT, the mall has put a “curfew” […]

Parental Escort Policy – Bad for Business

Letters To The Editor By Mackenzie Snyder Stratford High School The “Parental Escort Policy” (PEP) at the CT Post Mall is not a fair policy for the mall to implement. While CT Post Mall is a private business and does legally have the right to put such a law in effect, its target audience is […]

Teen Perspective on Adult Supervision Policy

Letters To The Editor By Jaydenn Diaz Stratford High School In my opinion, I believe that adult supervision for teens at the mall is not necessary, mainly for the fact that I feel as if all people should just be able to walk into the mall and make any type of purchases. However, I do […]

Mall Policy Does More Harm Than Good

Letters To The Editor By Grace Miron-Dominguez Stratford High School It’s a gloomy, rainy Saturday afternoon. There is a melancholy feeling in the air and you face the dreaded question, what will you do to cure your boredom? For many people, the answer is going to the mall. Shopping, food, movies, everything to create the […]

New Policy at Connecticut Post Mall

Letters To The Editor By Jacob Brennan Stratford High School In recent news, Connecticut Post Mall is putting an age restriction at their mall again. The rule states that an adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18 (over 21). This whole rule was made because during the holiday season there tends to be […]

Prohibiting Minors From the Mall!?

Letters To The Editor By Dantrell Dicks Stratford High School The Milford mall implemented a new rule that prohibits minors from being in the mall without an adult under the age of 21. This policy is an unfair rule to minors who go to the mall and act accordingly. This also makes it harder for […]

The Brawls of Connecticut Malls: How did this Escalate?

Letters To The Editor By Ashleyann Garcia Castillo Stratford High School The Connecticut Post Mall located in Milford, Connecticut has established a new policy that applies to everyone under the age of 18. That policy requires that anyone under the age of 18 is to be supervised by an adult 21 or older. This policy […]

Mall Thoughts

Letter To The Editor By Riley Buyskes Stratford High School Malls all around America have been far from safe spaces for many years now, but in the current age the danger inside of malls has skyrocketed, probably caused by social media and the rise of fighting for fame and popularity online. Most of these instances […]