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Can the Yankees finally win the World Series?



By Xavier Cromwell McDowell

Stratford High School

It has been 14 years since they last won the fall classic.

It has also been 14 years since they made it that far!

For the last 6 years they have made the playoffs:

  • They’ve made the American League Championship Series three times, and lost to the Houston Astros all three time
  • They’ve made the American League Division Series twice and lost to the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox
  • and they have made the AL Wild Card game once in 2021 and lost to the Red Sox

It’s not like the Yankees haven’t made the playoffs or they had a major drop since 2009.  For the past 5 years they have been relatively close to making the World Series and they have traded for or received players in free agency to help them get over the edge to make the World Series or even win the World Series, and they just have not been able to win it.  So that brings up the question why can’t they make the World Series?

Well it’s a lot of things.  First the schedule is so long – they play 162 games just in the regular season, then if they make the playoffs (let’s say they have a good enough record so they skip the wild card).  The ALDS (American League Division series) that’s a best of 5 game series so this year the Yankees needed all 5 games just to win the series;  then they got the ALCS (American League Championship series) that’s a best of 7 game series, even though this year they got swept in four games.

That’s a 171 game season and, say the ALCS went the seven games and they won that’s a 174 game season.  That’s more games than the NBA (National Basketball Association),NHL (National Hockey League), and it’s triple the amount of games the NFL (National Football League) plays including playoffs.

Also, as pitchers that’s a lot of strain on their arms because they pitch around 30 games a season and that’s just in the regular season alone, and then you have to worry about injuries to the rest of the squad like Giancarlo Stanton he is currently out for 6 weeks with a hamstring strain which is a big blow to the team because he is their second best hitter behind Aaron Judge.

The Yankees have all the pieces can they stay healthy enough to get the job done and bring the crown back to the Bronx for their 28th World Series.?


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