Saturday, July 20, 2024

Town Clock on Paradise Green and Bus Stop Improvements


State Representative Laura Dancho (R)
120th Connecticut House District
Committees: Environment; Finance, Revenue & Bonding; Transportation

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

State Representative Laura Dancho (R-Stratford) successfully secured a $300,000 allocation from the Connecticut State Bonding Commission for bus stop refurbishments and reinstallation of the Town clock at Paradise Green.

 “Securing funding for this project has been my passion since day one,” said Rep. Dancho. “As a former member of the Stratford Town Beautification Commission and a former Town Councilor, I am proud to continue my commitment as State Representative to positively improving our Town green with bus stop upgrades and the reinstallation of our landmark Town clock. I want to thank Governor Lamont and the members of the Bonding Committee who helped me prioritize Stratford projects and make this bonding allocation a reality.”

Dancho also recognizes the support of her municipal leaders and the Stratford Delegation for their collaborative efforts in exploring funding and spreading local awareness on this project.

  • Stratford Mayor Laura Hoydick said, “Representative Laura Dancho, knew the Town’s administration and Beautification Commission wished to restore the town clock that was damaged by a vehicle collision on Main Street in Paradise Green.”
  • State Senator Kevin Kelly 
  • State Senator Herron Gaston 
  • State Representative Ben McGorty  
  • State Representative Joe Gresko said, “By modernizing bus stops, we are not only improving the daily commute for public transit users but also ensuring that the town’s transportation network remains efficient and accessible for all. These funds will also go into restoring the town clock which is a testament to our town’s rich history and reflects our residents’ desire to maintain its cultural significance for the benefit of upcoming generations.”

 Although a start date for the project has not been set, Dancho and her colleagues look forward to sharing more information regarding the timeline of the reinstallation and bus stop upgrades in the coming months. 

My work in Hartford address a wide variety of topics that matter to YOU. As always, please never hesitate to reach out to me with your questions, ideas, and concerns so that I can continue making your voice heard in Hartford! 

Best, Laura Dancho


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